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The Return of Heritage Night

Heritage Night is back yet again! 

For those that have not heard of it, It is an event where new explorers can learn all about the history of what has happened in the cavern so far. We strive to make sure people know what has come before them. The schedule for this round is a bit wacky, so these weeks are the confirmed ones that we'll be doing before Mysterium. I'll add the August schedule once I know for sure what's up.

HN will take place on every Sunday in July at 12:00 KI time in the Heritage Night Hood.

Heritage Night was started in late 2010 by Carl Palmner for the benefit of new explorers who could not be there for the Previous Restorations.

Localisation dans D'ni: 
Heritage Night's Hood
Date de l'événement: 
Se répète tous les 7 jours jusqu'au Jeu Aoû 02 2012 .
Juillet 1, 2012 - 12:00
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